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December 13, 2005

Apologising For The Iraq War

A superb piece this morning in the Times by David Aaronovich on the Iraq war. He's spot on.

His final section says it all.

I do apologise. For Abu Ghraib and Donald Rumsfeld. For not understanding the insurgents. For the looting. For the dire planning. I apologise to the election workers assassinated, the police trainees blown up, the parents of children caught in crossfire and everyone else that the planners and executors of the invasion that I supported, and still support, may have let down by neglect or stupidity. I recognise their bravery and their determination to succeed despite everything.
But a disaster compared with what? Compared with Saddam and sanctions or Saddam and cyanide. And that — the thing that Matthew presumably preferred — was not a disaster? Snort.

I don't agree with his whole list of course, but could do an equivalent one of my own.

Let's remember what's happening. A small group of people are, quite succesfully running a campaign to kill literally thousands of innocents. Democracy is beginning to take root. Progress is being made. Freedom is on the march. As for me, I'm on the side of the newly freed. If you're going to count the problems caused by action, you need to count the deaths caused by "realism" over the last 50 years. I think you'll find that that pile of bodies is quite high.

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