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December 10, 2005

The BBC On Tookie


Just when you don't expect it the Beeb goes and writes something almost balanced about the death penalty. The reason is the uncoming execution of Stanley "Tookie" Williams, who can be held responsible indirectly for untold suffering amongst America's poor.

Of course, they don't go into detail on his actual crimes (for more on that follow the various links on Michelle Malkin's site (a good starting point is here)). Despite that, they do seem to recognise that the demand for the death penalty, in this case at least, is not simply atavastic idiocy.

This doesn't change my own view on it, which is in fact strong opposition to capital punishment. However, I recognise I'm in the minority on this one, on both sides of the Atlantic. It's nice to see something on the Beeb for once recognising this is a two-sided argument.


For more coverage a good piece from the L.A. Times

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