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December 12, 2005

A Call For A British "National Review"?

An excellent piece by Alex Deane on the Platform blog of Conservative Home. Key suggestion for action:

The term ‘right wing’ is often used as a derogatory term or insult in itself.This way of thinking permeates through to our children via their parents and teachers to the extent that by the time a child’s political consciousness is formed, there is a presumption that being on the right is bad.
We have to combat this in a positive way. We on the right must set out our stall – get into the habit of talking about public philosophy, demonstrate that there is a viable alternative to the social-democratic-leftist consensus. We need to explicitly contest the left’s narrative of mankind’s future, and their dominant philosophy of human progress. At present, the left’s flabby consensus mindset goes unchallenged – that the left is innately progressive and progressive is about progress and therefore is innately good. In Britain, much that is being abandoned is good and much being taken up bad – we must show that there is a coherent school of thought that protests about that, and not just spasmodic individual reactions to change. We need to show that the broad church of Conservatism is the most interesting intellectual place to be – that there’s room both for the moderates, and for muscular conservatism.

Well worth reading.

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