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December 08, 2005

Europe & The Generation Gap

It's 23.09 on Thursday. David Cameron has been leader of the Conservative Party for 2 days. A whole range of new appointments have been made, there is a mood of excitement in the Party and the country. We might yet see a Tory in No 10 in our lifetimes...

And how do they lead the story on Newsnight? A mocked-up film poster of DC with asking whether DC has "Met His Match". A package suggesting that Europe threatens to derail Cameron's mandate already. David Curry comes on to say about EPP withdrawal "This is a fight we don't need to have" (odd how the fights that the members and voters want against continued centralisation of the EU are never the ones we need to have). And I'm now watching Paxo point his finger angrily shocked, shocked that withdrawing from the EPP might break a manifesto committment (although Graham Brady did an effective job of pointing out that there might be no EPP to be part of, and that MEPs going against party policy was an issue for the leader).

It really is going to be interesting watching them try to continue to hang the old problems onto the new leadership. I'd be astonished if Cameron does change on this; as Dan Hannan said in the package that's just not who he is. But boy are the BBC going to try to make the story "more of the same old same old".

The other striking thing about it was the age difference. No, not the one between Brown and Cameron... the one between Paxo and Brady (and Cameron, and Osborne, and Villiers, and Hague, and Grayling, and Gove etc). With more and more youngish fresh faces on the Tory front bench, Mr Pointy-Shouty is in danger of coming across as what he actually is - a relic of the previous generation of anti-Fatcher consensus.

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