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December 11, 2005

A Message To Ken Clarke

Just looking at the pictures on this BBC piece tells the whole story. Ken Clarke is the man of the past. David Cameron is the man of the future.

The simple facts of the issue are these: Ken Clarke and David Cameron both ran for the leadership of the Conservative Party. Ken Clarke was the first person to be eliminated. David Cameron won by a 2 to 1 ratio. During the campaign pretty much the only clear policy David Cameron suggested was withdrawal from the EPP.

So what does Ken say?

He said it would be wrong for the Tories to be "waltzing off" to find new "ultra-nationalist" allies.

and then

Some of our really hard-line people apparently have persuaded him that he must break ranks and leave all these Christian Democrats, these Scandinavian conservatives and Gaullists and people and start waltzing off looking for allies amongst the ultra-nationalist right in central Europe

Iain Dale puts it very well indeed:

Message to Ken Clarke. Shut it. Your time has been and gone. Get off the stage if you have nothing positive or constructive to say.

Can't add much to that, really, can you?

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