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December 11, 2005

More Appeals From Tookie Williams

Still no news from Arnold on clemency. Meantime, more appeals to Supreme Court.

There is a real concern here, though. There has been a huge focus on this case where the chance that there has been a real miscarriage of justice is quite low. Most people then assume that this implies that there are no cases with real merit, and that miscarriages don't take place.

If only the Hollywood folks who have brought publicity to this case would spend some of their time and money providing real funds for proper defence and support for the much broader group of people who can fall foul of the death penalty system in ways that appear unfair due to poor lawyers or lack of money for forensics or investigators we would all be better off. At the same time they could work to protect victims' rights.

If they focused on that they might both do some good, and find that many of the arguments for the death penalty became less widely supported over time. Instead they damage, rather than help, the case for abolition.

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