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December 11, 2005

The Start Of A Global Movement?

What a great story. You know the way that WTO and other similar organisations keep having to have their meetings behind barbed wired because of the hordes of anti-capitalist protestors bouncing up and down?

Well, this chap decided that the argument shouldn't go unchallenged.

Accountant Simon Patkin has staged a peaceful hour-long protest, which has been interrupted only by a phone call from his concerned wife. He has hung up signs reading "We love free trade" and "Rationality not rioting", and harangued passers-by. "I was trying to catch the anti-globalisation protesters napping," he said. "If you want to win, you have to get up earlier than the other side. "I feel really strongly about capitalism and free trade."

Good for him. If we could get a few more of these guys doing counter-protests every time maybe the argument for free-trade would actually get press coverage.


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