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January 29, 2006

Abortion And Evolution In Britain

A majority of British women want the rules around abortion tightened. So it is a "womens' issue" after all... just the other way from the way in which it's usually presented.

Of course, the Blair government reaction to this isn't terribly surprising: there will be no change to the law, nor any thought of any change. So anyone who has spotted this story from the US via Michelle Malkin, for example, shouldn't get their hopes raised.

But at least we have this in the political process, not distorting our entire constitution, so we should be thankful for small mercies I suppose.

At the same time we have this news about the fact that a whole bunch of Brits also doubt evolution, with a remarkable 40% of them thinking creationism or ID should be taught in schools (I'm very firmly of the other view, by the way).

If this were happening in Oklahoma, the BBC would be doing one of their lovely "what a bunch of right wing religious loons Americans are" stories, of course. But it's happening in Britain so instead they end the story with a piece about... what a bunch of right wing religious loons Americans are.

So some things don't change, then.

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