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January 22, 2006

All At Sea

It appears that the Bishop of London is going on holiday, as a speaker on a cruise ship. Fine. Spreading the gospel, and all that, and it's nice for a senior churchman to have the chance to have a good holiday.
But he's doing it at Easter. You know, redemption of the world, pivotal point of the entirety of creation, key feast in the Christian calendar?
Now, he is supposed to have some sympathies towards the Orthodox church. Maybe he's just decided that they're right on the question of the appropriate date of Easter? In which case he's back in time. If that's not it then what on earth is he thinking?

UPDATE 24 January 2005
Well, that just goes to show you shouldn't believe everything you believe on the internet, doesn't it? Turns out that this is in fact a sabbatical, and the first one he's had in 33 years... Can't argue with that at all, so I of course withdraw all snarkiness above, and switch to jealousy instead.

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