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January 18, 2006

Gove on Galloway

Michael hits it on the head, as always, in his latest. The first key section...

So you can fawn to fascists, work with sanctions-busters and shed tears or the collapse of totalitarianism and still be considered a worthy MP. But miaow in public and you’re beyond the pale. It’s OK to prostrate yourself before a mass-murderer, but go on all fours before Rula Lenska, and that’s it.

But then he goes on to make a broader point about our great media, and the rule imposed on Galloway, stopping him expressing his political views in the house due to lack of balance...

After all, almost everyone else in the Channel 4 stable seems free to do so.
Channel 4’s spin-off, More4, has just finished a week of programs on the Iraq War that were so relentlessly anti-Blair, anti-Bush and anti-West that the new channel might as well have been called MichaelMoore4. On Channel 4 News (or Clause 4 News, as it might be renamed) Lindsey Hilsum presents a view of international affairs that does not take a genius to recognise is just a shade left of centre. And even Channel 4’s schools programmes betray a particular worldview. The series History in Action: Heroes or Villains, which is aimed at 11 to 14-year-olds studying GCSE history, is accompanied by teachers’ notes encouraging students to design posters celebrating Mao’s Long March, write a sympathetic obituary for the Communist leader Ho Chi Minh and write in defence of Yassir Arafat.

If the rest of Channel 4 can do it, why can't George? Read the whole thing.

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