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January 22, 2006

Just Because You Pay More Doesn't Mean That You Get More

A concept not unfamiliar to most of us, but clearly not to Brown & Blair. Two very good pieces in the Sunday Times today:

Irwin Seltzer on Brown. Key quote at the end of the piece...

But those who want a brighter future for Britain can take heart from one thing. Brown is a fast learner. It is not unreasonable to hope that he recognises that claiming an ever-larger share of the country’s wealth, and overtaxing wealth producers, has begun to drag the economy down. That is not a legacy he will cherish. Perhaps the one-time Iron Chancellor will renew his affair with Prudence. Or is that a triumph of hope over experience?

From my Latin lessons long ago I vaguely remember a category of questions that expected the answer "yes". Don't you reckon this is one of them?

Then, in this piece, we get a good summary of the wide range of problems.

The task for the Conservatives now is to come up with an alternative to the outdated economics of Mr Blair and Mr Brown. They have been following a model that other countries abandoned in the 1990s. The average tax burden across the industrialised world was 39% in 1997 — identical to Britain’s — but is now 37%. The Labour government is taxing its citizens and businesses more at a time when other countries are doing so less. It is the road to an unsuccessful, uncompetitive economy. Ultimately it is the road to ruin.

Tough for a Tory to disagree, really.


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