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January 18, 2006

Standing Up For Small Business

After all the back and forth about the "standing up against big business" line, this release from the Conservative Party is a good example of the general approach in practice.

The issue is parental leave, which can pose problems for big business, but can be crippling in the wrong circumstances for small businesses (and which in those circumstances may actually increase discrimination against young women).

The approach? Pitch the press release (and the policy) in favour of the small fry. Focus on the benefits that small business gives to the country and to the families of the owners and managers of those small businesses as well as the families of the employees who will benefit from the paid leave. And while doing this, don't be, and don't be seen to be, acting against the interests of women who want to have children (said children, of course, being the ones that will pay our pensions and health bills, lest we forget).

A small press release, on a peripheral topic, but nicely positioned, and a good example of an approach that should work.

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