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February 05, 2006

Animal Testing

An interesting article in the Times looking at the unintended consequences of the idiotic behaviour of some anti-vivisection activists at Oxford, which seem to have backfired. And a good thing too - their arguments have too rarely been challenged, and their violent behaviour has had a free ride for too long. They key paras:

As I live and work in a seat of learning, I’m predisposed to support animal testing. Actually it’s just common sense. Without animal testing we wouldn’t have penicillin, small pox vaccinations, pacemakers, heart valves, and we’d be nowhere in the fight against cancer and Parkinson’s. The idea that vivisectionists enjoy torturing animals is ridiculous. The thrill for them is not killing an animal, it’s the possibility of progress.

The fact that the people who disagree with me prefer sensationalism to reasoned debate is tempting many Oxford students down a traditionally un-PC path. Being part of Pro-Test won’t only mean you support the necessary evil of experimenting on animals, it strikes a blow for a grown-up conversation about this important topic.


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