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February 02, 2006

Here We Go Again

You know that guy you sometimes meet at a party? The one with the slightly too-fixed stare, who goes on and on about how coffee enemas changed his life, or how the problems in society are all the fault of people wearing too many artificial fibers, and who talks just slightly too loudly while standing just slightly too close, never quite leaving you the time to abstract yourself from the conversation politely?

No comments about the Liberal Democrats from the seats in the back row, please.

The "Bush n' Blair lied" crowd are really starting to remind me of that guy. At every possible opportunity they make us hear the same story all over again.

Here we go, for example. The second edition of a book about the run up to war is published with some new material. Yes, I said second edition. The new material? A document that says what everyone knows - that there were pretty firm plans to invade Iraq before the second UN attempt.

Let's stipulate to that. Heck, let's stipulate that there were firm plans to invade before the FIRST resolution.

It doesn't change the fact that it was legally justified even before the first resolution, because Saddam was in breach of the ceasefire. It doesn't change the fact that everyone, but everyone, thought that the WMD story was true. It also doesn't change the fact that almost everyone thought that the first resolution was designed to cover military action. More coverage of the precise run up to the war is neither interesting nor relevant. This type of detail is already, in practical terms, a matter more for the historians than for the press.

Unless you work at the BBC, of course, in which case it's vitally necessary. I'm tempted to hold up a "Cut The Crap" card...

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