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February 15, 2006

Is Daniel Finkelstein A Nutter?

Very interesting piece by him in the Times this morning talking about centralisation of power by the executive. I don't know if he is, as he fears he may be, a nutter over the general point... but I thought that this para summed up very nicely the situation that we're in:

The problem with ID cards, smoking bans and new terror laws is not just the standard liberal one. It isn't even that they are entirelyunnecessaryy, since you can fashion an argument for each measure. It is that we should be reforming and enforcing the laws we have, rather than adding new complicated, poorly thought through laws to the stack that already exists. The Legislative and Regulatory
Reform Bill isn't just a dangerous proposal. It is a flashing red light.

Our legislative activism is endangering our parliamentary democracy and we must stop before it's too late.

Indeed. We should be devoting at least one week per month in Parliament to the removal of legislation from the statute books. That wouldn't solve the problem, but it would be a good start.

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