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February 10, 2006


An amusing new term has suddenly popped up (mentioned here in the Corner, but note the reference by Rich Lowry to the Journal too) - neo-realism. Lowry defines it as follows.

conservatives who take the best from the neo-cons (basically the idealism) and the realists (the prudence and the kind of deeper understanding of the process of liberalization that you've been writing about).

He claims that there are only 3 of them (with one of them being Condi). I don't think he's right. I think that the bulk of the Iraq War supporting conservative movement here in the UK falls much more effectively into this category than any other. I'd probably say that I was one too.

In fact, there would be some real advantage to having a term to use to describe this approach - and in particular to get away from the dread phrase neo-con, which is sadly regarded one of the vilest forms of abuse in political discourse over here (no, officer, I didn't mind him cheating on me, stealing my car, or cooking my dog for dinner, but I've just discovered he's a neo-conservative). Neo-realist would do the job nicely.

So count me a member of the Vast Right-Wing Neo-Realist Conspiracy (membership card #00004). Join today...


The cabal grows - Mr Lowry has identifed John Bolton as one of our number. Onward, comrades...

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