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February 18, 2006

Perception vs Reality On Katrina

Interesting news, via the Times, from the American Association for the Advancement of Science, looking at the actual deaths caused by Katrina, which is still being cited as a racist hurricane spawned by BushChimpHitler and his minions...
Turns out that it wasn't, in fact, discriminatory based on colour at all. Instead there was disproportionate death amongst the elderly, possibly because they would tend to resist appeals to evacuate.
And the effect of race?

Although most evacuees were black, the proportion of white people killed was higher than would be expected from the racial composition of the worst-affected neighbourhoods. The widespread perception that Katrina was a "black" disaster may reflect news pictures of refugees rather than those who died, Dr Mutter said.

So I'm sure we'll be seeing Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson etc all apologising, then? Well, maybe not. However, it behooves all of us on the right to remember this report, and ensure that whenever Katrina is mentioned by the BBC or other media as the first racist hurricane they are corrected. To your keyboards, comrades!

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