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February 05, 2006

Saving Harry Windsor

Prince Harry hasn't always had the best judgment in the world. However, that seems to be changing. His determination to perform his full role in the Army seems to be causing some consternation, and the ridiculous suggestion has now been made that he might have to be guarded by special forces while in harm's way.

What nonsense. There was a period where this might have made sense (where a civil war might have been caused by the sudden disappearance of a senior royal) but those days have long gone. As a serving officer his place is with his men. He knows the risks, and a diversion of resources to protect him would damage operational efficiency and possibly cause other men to die to protect him. That in itself would do much more damage to the institution of monarchy than anything that could happen to Harry.

Let's give him respect for his apparent determination to do it right. Let him get on with the job.

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