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February 17, 2006

Understandable Delay: Baffling Reaction

The coverage over here in the UK of the Cheney shooting story has been quite restrained: the usual arch comments and raised eyebrows, but well down the story listings. It helps, of course, that the press over here are convinced that Cheney in fact eats babies: shooting a friend, no doubt, pales in comparison with the type of behaviour that they presume he gets up to on a daily basis.
The coverage in the US has been on a totally different order, and has rather drawn attention to the way that the Bush White House has made significant components of the press go stark staring loopy.
Charles Krauthammer sums up the situation nicely in this must-read piece in today's WaPo. His key point: while Cheney should have told the press a little more quickly he delayed for understandable reasons, the reaction of the press has been baffling.
Of course, this all misses the real story: it's all a plot to create a scandal which will cause Cheney to resign, so Condi can take over and make her election next time round as President a shoo-in. Yeah, that's the ticket.
Oh dear. I think I just qualified to write for the New York Times. Medic!

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